Sand Slitting

Sand Slitting provides a unique solution for drainage

The newest drainage method utilizing the installation of columns of sand, every 10 inches and 8 inches deep.  Sand slitting removes water from the surface.  The field is playable immediately.

Sand slitting is the most effective method to improve the movement of water off a sports surface.  Different than aerification, the sand slit allows the water to travel off the surface and over areas that have the availability to move water, to existing drainage. The water only has to move 10 inches across the surface to find a sand slit.

Our machine is one of 3 manufactures in the world.  We selected and use this particular machine because it works in all kinds of weather and is efficient.

The sand slits can be 8 inches deep and spaced 10 inches apart.  When sand slitting a standard football field, we install approximately 100 tons of sand.

Sand slit fields can be used immediately after the sand installation.  The sand will not be noticeable within several months

Sand Slitting for Water Movement

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