Field Maintenance


Aerification serves many functions.  Hollow core aerification will help to prepare a seed bed for over seeding and help relieve compaction.  We use a direct stroke machine that will not tear the existing turf grass.  Our machine will aerify at least 4” inches deep.

We have several machines designed to break up compaction on high use playing surfaces.  These machines do not disturb the surface’s playability.

Slit Seeding

Slit seeding is the most effective way to plant grass seed and insure that you get direct contact with the soil.  The seed will germinate without soil contact.  The percentage of germination is much greater using slit seeding. We use a machine that both slit seeds and broadcasts seed at the same time.  We always seed in two directions to insure good coverage.

Compaction Relief

Restore the plaing surface to its original uncompacted structure.


The only way to apply materials to existing turfgrass is with a topdresser. We use small machines for light jobs and large machines for large jobs. Both are equipped with turf tires.



Every Field Needs to be Maintained

Our various methods of field maintenance insure the best playing surface available.