Indoor Irrigation Systems

"Sprinkling Systems That Control The Dust"

These systems provide low volume water control, designed to keep indoor riding surfaces moist.

The irrigation coverage plan can be adjusted to fit any arena dimensions. The system is designed to apply the correct amount of water to your riding surface.


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System Features

  • Micro sprinklers
  • Functions with standard well pump pressure and limited water supply
  • Total electronic controls for automatic programming
  • Self-draining for freeze prevention
  • Low cost maintenance

  • Let this automatic system apply the exact amount of water your arena needs.
  • Frequent applications of moisture that keep your surface perfect.
  • Eliminate organics, polymers, and wood chips to control moisture.
  • One time cost.
  • Eliminate over watering and hazardous wet spots.
  • Excess water is destructive to your building, whether metal or wood.


  • Each head uses .53 gallons per minute.
  • Each line has approximately 10 heads, which utilize a total of 5.3
    gallons per minute.
  • Normal garden type hose discharge at well pressures of 25-40 p.s.i.,
    or  7.8- 10 gallons per minute is adequate for use with irrigation system


Costs and Additions

  • Our indoor arena irrigation systems are low cost to YOU.
  • Anti-drip irrigation systems are available.
  • We also sell our systems as kits. These usually take two days to install.