About Field Specialties

As head groundskeeper for the Cleveland Browns and Cleveland Indians I developed the skills and experience needed to be able to begin Field Specialties.  Time has flown by since Field Specialties began, and the development and maintenance of all types of sports fields and equestrian riding surfaces has greatly expanded my knowledge and experience.  The company I started in 1989 has grown into a company that accurately reflects its name.  We truly are SPECIALISTS in all types of fields, whether it is a small baseball field for a local neighborhood or a large riding arena.  I'm confident that Field Specialties is ready to handle your needs.

Leader in the Industry

Over 45 years of experience in the renovation, design and construction of all types of fields has provided Field Specialties with the tools to effectively complete any job.  We're always adding new equipment and techniques as the industry changes. We're searching for new products that meet the needs of our clients.  Our experience enables us to suggest products that most other companies aren't even aware of.  Field Specialties is an innovator and you can be sure we have the knowledge and experience to complete any installation correctly and professionally.

I served as a Founding Father and Presient for the Sports Turf Managers Association.  I was invovled in the development of a new type of mound clay, a powered device for field tarps, and the use of geotextiles for bench tarps and concert field protection.

We Know Horses

As Field Specialties has grown so has our involvment in the equine world.  What sets us apart is that we not only develop and maintain all types of equestrian surfaces but that we are a family or riders as well.  I have been involved with horses and the farm community all my life.  I've done some Rodeos, Steeplechasing and Eventing.  My family has been involved in Eventing for many years.  They compete at all levels so we have a lot of experience at international events and see the deamnds and surfaces that acceptable.  I have served as a borad member, course designed and official for the U.S.E.A.

Our experience both on and off the back of a horse has enabled Field Specialties to know the critical needs of arenas and surfaces.  Our vast experience in developing and maintaining every aspect of the equine riding area provides us the ability to see that your arena and surface is perfect for your particular use.


David Frey, President Field Specialties